Friday, December 18

One week 'til Christmas...

I can't believe it! I obviously have not posted any updates, but that's mostly because there is not much going on around here. I think we were all just trying to make it through the last week of school before Christmas break. Well, today was the last day. I sent 24 teachers' gifts to school today and came home to take a nap. Now I feel truly rested for the next two weeks! Christmas time is HERE!!!!

Since I don't have much to update you all with, I'll leave you with the following pictures from I just found out about this site tonight and I highly recommend it!

I love the Santas that continue to smile...regardless of the children's reactions! Makes them all the more "sketchy!"

I mean, seriously, I know Santa is supposed to be jolly, but how can he laugh when those kids are so sad!
I will assume the following 2 Santas are only trying to teach these young girls some modesty...

Poor puppy...even your pets aren't safe from the sketchy Santas!

And finally...Sketchy Santa, indeed!

Enjoy the pictures and the website! If you've seen any other good Christmas sites, leave me the link!


Karen said...

Oh wow--24 gifts?! You deserve a gift after all that!

Those Santas are hilarious! I need to check out that site.

Raine said...

those are wicked funny! A friend just gave me a book Scared of Santa: Scenes of Terror in Toyland. Its friggin hilarious!

Colleen said...

Those pictures are hilarious!