Thursday, June 25

Still a terrible connection!

You know, the only reason I brought my computer on vacation was to blog and now I can't get a connection for anything! I can't post the videos I wanted to share and I can't post any cool pictures (a couple night ago I got a shot of a lightening bolt!)

Anyway, just a quick update while I have the chance! I finished two books. My Lobotomy and She's Come Undone. I enjoyed both of them very much! They were every deep though! I am currently reading Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. I must admit it's really not too great so far. We'll see.

The kids seem to be having a good time. We haven't done anything besides beach, pool and dinner out. I have plans to take them on a water taxi ride next week and we still have to hit the Daytona Beach Pier. We've also got the 4th of July to celebrate and more weekends with the in-laws to enjoy.

Right now, we are just hanging out and watching the news coverage of Michael Jackson (shocking!) and having some sandwiches for dinner. But I think I've had enough of CNN for a while so I'm gonna go watch I-Carly with the girls!


Michelle said...

Crazy about Michael Jackson. Give the book a chance, I really liked it...
Oh and iCarly is my new favorite show!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

beach ... pool ... dinner out ... sounds like a great vacay to me! Enjoy every minute of it! :o)

Colleen said...

Hey Jen, where did you go?