Friday, May 8

I'm a liar!

I can't believe it is already Friday! I have been pretty busy this week. With the exception of yesterday morning when I went back to bed after I dropped T off at school. Don't worry though, I woke up in time for The Price is Right!

Maybe tonight I will work on some posts for the next few days. I have a lot of pics to upload now that I found my camera! Over the weekend, I am planning to finish going through the kids clothes to see what new things we need for the summer...swimsuits, shorts, shoes, underwear and...bras(!) on the list far! I've also got the longest training run of the season tomorrow morning. 22 MILES! I'm sure I will be pretty tired tomorrow afternoon. Looks like another nap is in the picture. Good thing The Price is Right isn't on Saturday!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Shea said...

22 miles? You are absolutely amazing!

Michelle said...

You are probably running at this time. Good luck! And stick to the course this time!!!!!!!!