Tuesday, April 14

Easter @ Home

RED as "The Bunny"

Easter has always been a whatever comes up kind of holiday. We don't have any concrete plans for year to year. In years past, we have had dinner with family at my parent's, grandparent's and aunt's homes. One year we hosted Easter at our house complete with an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. This year felt like a stay-at-home Easter. It was just the six of us. I cooked a ham for dinner and taught the girls how to make deviled eggs for Big Daddy. He's the only one that likes them!

We also baked and decorated a yummy bunny cake!

Of course, the one tradition that always happens is the dying of the eggs. I started out with 16 eggs to boil and ended up with an even dozen. Three eggs each...just enough to tint their fingers blue! I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a few.

Look at that green! Reminded me of the C-man!

I hope you all had great Easters with your families!

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Michelle said...

The cake is too cute!! Glad you all had a good day!