Friday, March 27

Date Nights

Yep, I said nights, plural! Big Daddy and I have been kid free since yesterday morning. J, R and M are at their mother's until Saturday and T is on a school trip until Saturday. Yesterday BD and I went out for breakfast, then we separated to run some errands. Later we hooked back up for dinner and a night on the town! What a wonderful time! We just had fun hanging out together, it was just like when we first met! :)

We slept in this morning and by sleeping in, I mean I just got up! We have plans to do some shopping together and later tonight we have a party to go to for one of my Team In Training friends! Another great day as a couple!

Of course, I miss the kids and don't worry we've talked to each of them several times! We also leave for our Spring vacation on Sunday morning. We will be spending the week in the Great Smoky Mountains! We have a beautiful cabin rented in Gatlinburg, TN. I can't wait to get some great nature pics and hopefully we'll see a bear or two! (From a safe distance, of course!)

(This is a pic we found while browsing for info on G-burg! As long as you were in the cabin wouldn't this be amazing?!?)

***Speaking of the kids, I just had to take a break to answer a phone call from R! Damn kids are so needy! (just kidding!)***

Now, off to get ready for another lovely day with my hubby!

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