Saturday, February 28

Share a Smile Saturday

Every Saturday I post a video from the WWW that made me smile (or laugh or roll on the floor laughing). These aren't original videos or stories, but just things I feel are worth passing on! Since most of us don't usually blog on Saturday, I find my "Smile" throughout the week and schedule it to post on Saturday. The best part is hopefully we will all see some things we wouldn't have seen otherwise (and we won't miss each other so much over the weekend!)

Since the last several weeks have been about the kids, I found one just for us ladies this week! Sadly, most of these do not surprise me. I can totally see how these things could happen!

I have a few comments on the video....
  • I love the security footage (around the 2:00 mark) where the car flips over, but before the lady gets out she hands the guard her purse!
  • The footage from the oil change place (about the 2:40 mark) scares me to death! I *HATE* those open floor areas for this very reason!
  • And finally, I admit it. I like the song. Yes, the Hamster Dance song makes me happy! :)
Any comments on the video? Got one of your own to share? C'mon Michelle!!!


Colleen said...

That was hysterical! I have a sore throat this morning, but was still laughing until I cried. Thank you for posting!

Michelle said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! That was so funny. And I have to agree the one with the gate and the lady flipping the car over was my favorite. I almost peed on myself!!!!!!!! And ok, I'll be looking for some funny videos so that I can start next Saturday!!!! Love you!!!!!!