Tuesday, January 27

Snow day...

I just had to tell a story from today. My kids haven't been in school yet this week . They already know they don't have school tomorrow. Oh, the joys of being a kids, huh? I'm glad I don't have to take them out in the snow and ice!

Anyway, they went out and played in the snow in spurts early this afternoon. After lunch Mr. T, RED and Kitty went back out for a couple of hours (Crazy, I know!). Anyway at 5:00 I told RED that they will need to come in soon. She said OK and went back out. At 5:15, I called for them. No response. 5:20 I called again. Still nothing. At 5:25 one of the neighborhood girls came asking if I'd seen them. Nope I hadn't. Alright, time to send out Big Brother. JJ got bundled up and went to find them. Once they were all home, and covered with ice, from the freezing rain, I sent them to get changed into dry clothes and then called them down for a hot drink.

Here's where the story takes a comedic (at least to me) turn. I mixed a mug of Apple-Cinnamon Thera-Flu for each of them.
Hey, all of them were already congested, coughing and then they went out in that weather? Sorry, Mama know best. Of course, they all complained it tasted weird. I told them it was Cider! And you know what, they bought it! Ha Ha! That's what you get for running off where I can't find you! I made them drink at least half a mug. It took the girls about half an hour to finish theirs and I ended up calling my Evil Stepmother Witch's Potion!

We laughed about that, but they finished their potion cider. And now they feel better!

And if you wondering, No it's not any fun for me when they come back in...

Back to the laundry room...Ahh, motherhood! ;)