Saturday, January 31

Share a Smile Saturday

Well, we were without power for about 24 hours and without cable connection for about 4 days. The kids did not go to school at all this week. If you've seen the national news, I'm sure you've heard that Kentucky was hit the hardest by the Ice Storm that ravaged the Midwest. I've got much to catch up on and I hope to do so next week. For now, I will share a smile with my friends.

Please, please, please share some of your smiles with me! I love watching some of these silly videos! Feel free to use my video choice on your blog if you want to participate and don't have the time to look one up. Remember, I find mine during the week and schedule it for Saturday morning (well, unless there is an ice storm and I don't have my internet!)

Here's how it works, just in case....

1. Write and publish a Share a Smile Saturday post on your own blog.

2. In your post, mention my original Share a Smile Saturday post and link back to my blog.

3. Come back here and use Mr Linky by adding your name and the URL linking people directly to your Share a Smile Saturday post.


Colleen said...

Okay, I missed DOOL on Friday, but AH-HAH! Nicole has Sammy's baby. I knew it! LOL!

Michelle said...

That's just mean... yet funny as well!!! Thanks for the laugh