Thursday, January 15

My poor, pitiful hair

I posted this pic on my diet blog the other day because I lost five pounds (Yay!) and it led to taking these...

I don't have any hair! Well, I have hair. It's just The Thinnest Hair On Earth! Really, I could probably win a contest! I have tried every hair thickening product and hair fullness product. Nothing helps.

I want this!

Or this!

So Not Fair!!!

But, seriously, how do I get this?????


Shea said...

Jen - I honestly had never noticed how thin it was until you pointed it out! Sorry but I don't have any recommendations! If I keep losing the amount of hair that I do everyday it won't be long before I'm right there with ya!

Karen said...

Congrats on the five pounds! I have thin hair, too. I get it from my Mom.