Tuesday, January 13

Got a few (more) minutes?

So obviously we are squeezing in a little extra time on the computer writing our blogs and reading each others, but if you can spare a few more minutes go check out my bloggy friend, Michelle, on her blog, My Semblance of Sanity.

Grab My Button

Not only is she a funny writer and an amazing artist, but now she is adding Talk Show Host to her list of talents! That's right, Michelle is starting a web show on You Tube. Go to her You Tube channel by clicking this sentence. Subscribe to her channel and her blog (linked above) and you, yes you, can be part of history! Michelle is going to host her web show each Friday and discuss a variety of Mom-inspired topics and she's even going to feature some of her subscribers on the show. How fun!

She says it better than I can, so here ya go!

And if you decide to subscribe, don't forget to let her know who sent you!

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