Monday, January 12

At a loss for words...

Today I find myself at a loss for words. Coleman's short life was celebrated on Saturday. 1,851 balloons were released in honor of the number of days Coleman spent on this earth.

As upsetting as Coleman's death has been, reading that number was what released the flood of tears. I cannot put into words the sadness that overcomes me when a mother can count the number of days she had with her child.


Coleman fought so hard!
Caden fought so hard to keep his brother with him!
I cannot begin to imagine what Peggy and Scott are going through. May God be with them through this most difficult time.

This is the video that was played at Coleman's service. I did not make it past the first 30 seconds before the tears started again...

Please remember Childhood Cancer Awareness month is September. I know it's a long time until then, but please consider that fact as you plan your yearly budget. I hope you can find a little something extra to help the search for a cure. No mother (or father or brother, for that matter) should have to go through this!

Here are some websites that I am happy to pass on for Team Larson.

The Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City

With tears in my eyes, but hope in my heart, I say Goodbye to my friend, Coleman.


Shea said...

Oh Jen, I didn't even know them and the video brought me to tears. What a sweet little boy.

Michelle said...

Same here. Didn't take very long for the tears to start after turning it on. And the number hit me extremely hard.

Karen said...

I am so sorry. ((HUGS))