Tuesday, December 16

Dinner with Friends

Mr. T and I had dinner with two Princesses and their Mommy last night.



With the threat of an ice storm pushed back to about 6:00, We braved the cold and headed about 75 miles East to see some of my very favorite people in the World! I'm not exaggerating! I love them so much.

We had dinner at Red Robin. I sat next to this little Miss Smarty Pants and learned all about my colors, numbers and shapes.

I also learned a new song. Something to the effect of..."booby, booby, boo-oo0-ooby!" Very catchy!

After dinner, we headed back to the Princesses' castle to exchange Christmas gifts. Of course, the girls got their princess costumes (which they immediately put on!)

We got a great board game based on the show "Don't Forget the Lyrics"
Hmm...sounds like a Family Night theme!

Here's the whole crew together for the first time in WAY TOO LONG!

(photo by Mr. Becky! Love you too Phil)

Sadly, the night had to end. We had to get home before the roads got bad and well, there was much "sopping" (shopping) to be done by the Princesses. We got our hugs and kisses (never enough!) and were on our way!

(going shopping!)

Becky, Gracie and Ava -
We had a wonderful time.
It's always so fun to see you guys.
Let's not wait so long next time!
Love, Jen and Tyler


Becky said...

Awww, what a wonderful post. I wonder if I can print it out and scrapbook it? :) We will make it out your way for our next visit, which will have to be soon!! The girls keep asking to see you again.

Michelle said...

that is to sweet!!! Looks like they loved their princess outfits!!!