Saturday, November 22

My girls are growing up....

Last week the girls and I were watching The Big Bang Theory. Penny had on quite a tight top. See for yourself...

The boys weren't in the room so the girls and I got into a discussion about, ahem, her boobs. We discussed whether the shirt was just too small or were her boobs just really big?

Kitty: "we should just ask Big Daddy when he gets home"

Me: Through laughter, "Why?"

Kitty: "He's a boob guy, you know."

Red nods in agreement.

Well, they are right.

So cut to last night we were scanning Insight looking for a movie to watch and we passed something with Scarlett Johansson. She has quite "the body" herself....

Big Daddy: "I wonder if she takes her shirt off?"

Red: "Dad, you know, you've got a pretty young wife."

BD: "What's that mean"

R: "If you want to see that, why don't you just take Jen upstairs"

OMG! Yes, that's exactly what she said. We laughed and laughed! And, I mean I laughed hard! One of those your face is ugly and tears are streaming laughs.

So, the girls are growing up! And I admit they're pretty fun!


dragonflymama said...

Hi Jen-
Just checking out your blog after reading your comments on mine! Looking forward to reading more... hope you're having a good weekend:)

Colleen said...

Holy cow, that's riot! LOL!

Karen said...

LOL!! That is hilarious!! DH loves "The Big Bang Theory," by the way.