Monday, November 3

Happy Halloween!

When I got home from school on Friday, Big Daddy had decorated the house for Trick or Treaters. He did a wonderful job! We don't usually wait until the last minute, but BD wanted to do a graveyard, and all the tombstones kept blowing away in the wind, so we had to leave it for Halloween night. Of course, not one tombstone blew away over the weekend!

Of course, we dressed up. The kids were with their mother this year and Mr. T chose not to Trick or Treat so this was for all the kids who stopped by. Yep...all 10 of them!

T was a character I believe he called "Big Pimpin!"

The afro and goatee were incredibly realistic!

Big Daddy was something scary. I don't know..a crypt-keeper, a ghoul, an evil magician. Whatever it was there was one little girl who refused to come get her candy from him!

And me? Well, TA-DA! I was Wonder Woman!

Well, alright, her chubby kid sister, maybe???


"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

You guys look great! Big Pimpin looks like he is 30!

Becky said...

Ha! I love it. You're costumes are great! I think Big Pimpin needs to see a dentist. :)

Shea said...

You guys look great! Loved the yard also!

Karen said...