Monday, November 24

Coleman Update

It is with a heavy, heavy heart that I ask you to pray for my sweet Coleman today. Peggy posted an update and told us that Coleman can no longer walk. He is taking steroids to help with his coordination and "shaky" issues. So far those steroids have definitely helped Coleman with his appetite!

Check out those chubby cheeks!

The Larsons were able to come home from New York and will be spending Thanksgiving with their family (the first time in 2 years.) If you are a praying person, I just ask that you say a little prayer for Coleman and his family.

And don't forget about Rudolph's Round-Up, an on-line raffle to raise money for the Larsons!

From Mimi:

"RUDOLPH'S ROUNDUP prizes are coming in steady. I got candles in today , they are 3 wick candles in a glass container shaped like Texas ! They are beautiful ... (not just cuz they are Texas shaped , well...), I will be getting some Cure Search stuff, a team Unite sweatshirt. I am also designing new Coleman and Caden TeeShirts. That will be a surprise for later..."

For now it is time to get busy:
One entry: $5 or three entries: $10. (Maximum 3 entries , BUT donations for more welcome )The $$$ will go exclusively to TEAM LARSON (100%), please be generous, we want their holiday season to be as amazing as possible...
You can either mail in the money for your entries:

Mimi Avery
111 Aviator Dr
Fort Worth , TX 76179

Or paypal them at

If your heart is willing, please include a short(or not) note for The Larsons . Even if you paypal ,I will print the notes out for them .


Anonymous said...

woo hoo - I finally remembered my pay pal password and how to use it.

I too will keep them in my prayers.

Lori Hogan

Shea said...

He is definitely in our prayers!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Jen, I added a link under Coleman's button to the blog that has the code! Lisa made it :). I will post about the Rudolph's roundup! Great idea!