Thursday, October 23

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Be prepared for a picture overload!

On Tuesday, Mr. T and I visited the Huber Family Farm in Starlight Indiana. I have been going there and taking Mr. T there for years. When I was a little girl we used to chop our own Christmas tree there! These days we frequent it more for the pumpkins and maybe some strawberries in the Spring and Peaches in the Summer! Aside from the fresh produce and farmer's market, they also have a lot of fun farm activities and animals!

Now as promised, Pictures...and lots of 'em!
Me and my date!

We started off with some fun in the barnyard...

Then looked at the animals...

Well, DUH! She was bigger than our dog!

Then we launched some apples!

T hit the target (the red barrel to the left) and the apple burst into pieces!

Before picking pumpkins we needed some nourishment, so we went to the winery and had a wine soda and cheese tasting at a picnic table near a real well.

Finally, it was off to pick the pumpkins! The only rule: if you can't carry it you can't have it!

Too heavy

Still a little too heavy!

Hmm, not heavy enough...

The winner! 24 pounds! I don't know how he carried it!

My quirky "character"


Karen said...

Wow--that is one big pumpkin! Can't wait to see them decorated, etc.

Kirsten said...

I have that same rule about pumpkins, if they can't carry it themselves it is a no. Luckily they are still 6 and 3 so the pumpkins this year were only $3 and $5! You crack me up by the way with your comment about my almost hitting the old man. Seriously, I'm going to slow down! (unless I'm late and in a hurry) ha ha :-)