Saturday, October 11

For Shea...

My on-line friend, Shea, just got back from Las Vegas! She loved the Fountains at the Bellagio.

Jim and I went to Vegas in January and in fact, stayed at the Bellagio! Since I wasn't blogging then, I thought this would be a nice time to share some of those pics. I hope you enjoy them, Shea!

This was our view during the day...Paris!

And, just so you know the whole truth...
this is what our last night is Vegas was all about.
Notice the ibuprofen on the night stand!


Shea said...

Those are awesome! Your pictures are so much better than mine!

Thanks for posting this!

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

Love the pics. I've only been to Vegas once. And we stayed at the Bellagio for 4 nights!