Friday, September 12


I am bored. And tired. Nothing exciting happening today.

It was pouring rain this morning (we needed it) so I did not do my scheduled run (30 minutes, yikes!)

The kids are filing in from school. Yes, they all get out at the same time. Why don't they all come home at the same time you ask? Well, that would be too easy.
2 wanted Big Daddy to pick them up. 1 rode the bus home with a friend. 1 is still at school for a meeting. In fact, that one hasn't gotten home before 5 all week. Oh the busy life of a 7th grader!

We have a busy night planned with a CC team dinner and the first dance (mixer) of the year at the middle school. A busy morning tomorrow, CC meet and hopefully going to the Drive-in tomorrow night. Yes, I said Drive-in, as in movies! They are getting scare. We have to drive about 30-45 minutes to get to ours, but it is so fun! Anyone else have a Drive-in in their town?

Better go, just got the call to pick up the last kid....

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Shea said...

Back home in Texas there used to be a drive-in outside the city limits. It wasn't the kind that a family could go to if you know what I mean!

Don't know of any around us here!