Thursday, September 4

Remember these?

When Little Miss Bossy says jump, you jump!
She can't stop ordering people around and shouting at them.

Little Miss Neat can't stand any sort of mess.
Her garden is always perfect and there's not a teaspoon out of place in her kitchen.

I think these gals describe me best! Click here if you want a blast from the past.


Colleen said...

I don't recognize those things. What are they from?

Jen said...

They are characters from children's books. Most little characters would have a book about them that would teach on lesson on being too bossy or neat. There are little Mr's Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosy, Mr. Messy. When I was in elementary school (way back in the early 80's) we would rush this section at the library each week! Everyone loved them! I'm not sure if they still sell the books, my kids never had them. :(