Monday, September 8

Get out of my head!

Sarah Palin Got Me Interested in Politics...

I might even vote!

by Stephanie Elliot

I hear white noise when anyone starts talking politics. I have never been interested in politics. Except for the time Monica Lewinsky wore that one Gap dress and did something crazy with a president and a cigar, this is the first time I've ever been interested in candidates and running mates and Democrats and Republicans. Seriously. I've often joked that I don't know which is an elephant or the donkey.*

But, the intrigue that's in the news lately, and all the speculation that comes with it! When news of Governor Sarah Palin hit the media, the first comment I heard was from some Neanderthal man saying, "Did you see the hottie McCain picked?" As if McCain chose Bachelorette #3 on The Dating Game. Can we not be mature adults here?

Mainly, what has interested me the most is the fact that people are speculating how she can be a vice president and still be a good and present mom to her five children, especially if one of them is a special needs child. And especially if one of them is pregnant.

Well, why can't she?

Why is a woman not allowed to go after what she wants? Why can't a woman follow a dream of her own? Just because she has a uterus and births human beings who can then become presidents or walk the moon or do anything else in the world that they want, why does the WOMAN get so much slack for wanting to do something for herself? For her own country even? We should be proud of her.

And who cares if her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant? When I asked my husband if he heard the news that Palin's daughter was pregnant, his reply, simply stated: "That's life." That's right. That is life. People have sex. Teenagers have sex. Heck, it's even been said that married presidents have sex with interns, and then continue to be presidents. It happens. It's life.

It's their personal lives, and as far as I'm concerned Governor Palin's children's lives should be kept out of this campaign. What's important here is that she has been upfront and that she has appeared to be a career-oriented and motivated contender while still caring for her family. No family is without their personal problems. We've all got ‘em.

Go ahead and throw the first stone if you don't.

I could have written this article. It's like the girl read my mind!
*Especially this part!

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