Thursday, August 21

A Lesson in T.P.

After I drop off the kids at school, I go upstairs to straighten their bathroom. Every few days I find this...

I really thought my kids knew how to change the TP roll, but now that I think about it, I guess they never have had a formal lesson! it is.
(Feel free to use this for training in your own home!)

Step 1:
Remove the empty tube.

Step 2:
Take the empty tube off the roller.

Step 3:
Place the roller in the new roll of TP.

Step 4:
Place the roller back on the wall.


Total work time: About 45 seconds

Well......unless you have to empty the trash.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've given my husband the same lesson a few times, but I think it's beyond his scope. Good luck helping your kids to understand the complicated process! LOL!


Karen said...

HILARIOUS! What a great teaching tool! :o)