Tuesday, August 26

Fun with Google

So while I was grounded I spent some time playing around on the computer. Renee was talking about a phenom in the blog world where you type "your name needs" and see what come up. Well, it seems I need some things I didn't even realize!

Jennifer needs...to be in a mental health facility right now
(I think a lot of people would agree with that one!)

Jennifer needs...a smack daddy
(I can look into getting one if some one will tell me what a smack daddy is!)

Jennifer needs...to give birth in the next week!
(No comment...)

Jennifer needs...a mortician with pictures
(No thank you)

Jennifer needs...a shave
(You think Jim would have mentioned that!)

Jennifer needs...a cane
(some days I feel like it)

Now let's see what the rest of this family needs!

Jim needs...a laundry delivery service
(well, at least a laundry ironing service...I don't iron)

Jimmy needs...to shut up
(only sometimes!)
Tyler needs...a friend to eat with
(I would cry, but I doubt this boy ever has trouble finding some one to hang out with!)

Rachel needs...help when she enters Manhattan's meat packing district
(I didn't know she was traveling any time soon. If any one is in the area, please help this little girl...she'll be the one in socks and flip flops!)

Mallory needs...ketchup for her burger
(that is the most perfect one yet!)

Try it yourself and let me know what you need!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

That was funny. I'd never hear of trying the "so & so needs..." thing before.

I got... Colleen needs a vacation... Colleen needs help with her scholarship... And Colleen needs to mind her own business. LOL! (Actually, the first one that came up was embarrassing... The answer to what Colleen needed was something that starts with an "O". Oh my!)